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Even in the music industry, even in the fashion industry, the popular Tokio Hotel, decided to restart their activity in Japan!
The band is going to send special gifts to GOSSIPS readers!!

Tokio Hotel, Ready for Japan!

Bill Kaulitz has been sending love calls to many top designers, with the designer of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, as the leader. The famous band from Germany Tokio Hotel, leading by Bill Kaulitz (21), has decided to restart their project in Japan! By releasing the album "Tokio Hotel"(PS: that's SCHREI actually) in 2006, the band made their debut in Japan. After that, they were busy with the activities in Europe and America. But, recently, the band finally decided to restart their activity in Japan, there is even rumour saying that the band is going release a Japan original project album! And, the arrowhead bringing this joyful news, shooting from the band, is going to hit GOSSIPS readers!! This time, very rare items with autograph are going to give as presents!! Please fill in the postcard bound on P88, with the number of items you wanted, and send it to us. Postmark by date: 16th Oct. Be quick!
Photo - Bill
On the runway of the famous brand DSQUARED, Bill is decorated with an impressive top.

Photo - Bill with DSQUARED
The twin designers of DSQUARED, Dan & Dean.
Bill is sitting on the floor, signing the autograph that will be given to GOOSIPS readers seriously.

The band is holding the coloured paper with the autograph of the band, they take the photo happily. This rare coloured paper with autograph is the special present!

Translation by 619 @ THCN
Scans by theresa @ THCN

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