Gossips #10 (Japan) - Tokyo and Space - Scans & Article

26. září 2010 v 15:18 | |Ŧ|..DAda..|Ŧ| |  ◙INTERVIEWS, TRANSLATIONS

Scans by Suchan Kaulitz @ Facebook
The band Tokio Hotel came from Germany which is super famous in U.S. and Europe made a clear goal of having a performance in Tokyo. The guitarist Tom said "Having performance in Tokyo and around the world is our goal!". This is the dream of the band. By the way, they also have another dream which is living on another planet. Tom's twin brother Bill said "We believe in aliens. Because the universe is so huge, there must be someone in some place.". Besides believing in aliens, their amazing dream is living on another planet. What a magnificent dream!

Translation by theresa @ THCN

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