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Realizace >Video-Premiere singlu Dark Side of the Sun & Tokio Hotel city LIVE-DVD/CD

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A je to oficiální! Video-premiéra singlu "Darkside of the Sun" bude  dne 18.06.2010 na oficiální internetové stránce > www.tokiohotel.de

HUMNAOID City  LIVE-DVD/CD vyjde  13.07. 2010 v Itálii!
A další země budou  brzy nasledovat.
LIVE-DVD & CD-bude obsahovat video-záznam z koncertu v Miláně (Itálie) z 12.4.2010!
DVD bude obsahovat i  Backstage-materiál  z Tokio Hotel-City-Tour a exkluzivní foto-galerii!


YING & YANG (magazine June 2010)

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Konečně je to tady!
První vydání "Ying Yang &" časopis je  nyní k dispozici ke stažení.

Comet 2010 - Backstage report Tokio Hotel (only ) in Tv Viva + English transl.

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Thanks to ~Nik~ @ Official German FC
Stage fright?

Bill: Well, we have stage fright of our own concerts.. I've always thought that we're the most nervous band. I couldn't imagine that there are other people who are that nervous as well.
Tom: But if you just take a look at the backstage area here, then…
Bill: …then you know that we're not the only ones [who are nervous]

Question (you can't see the question, but it's about rituals before a show)

Dnes v TV VIVA: Comet 2010 Backstage (29.5.2010)

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  • Samstag 29.05. 22:00 Uhr

     "Backstage" (Premiere)

  • Sonntag, 30.05., 16:00 Uhr

Meet & Greet with TH ♥ Kuala Lumpur, Malasia (01.05.10)

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Moc hezká fotečka:-)


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imagebam.comimagebam.comSice turné se už skončilo, ale na začátku července bude i velká show ve formátu - obývací pokoj  .... a takhle vypadají  obálky  zbrusu novýho LIVD DVD & LIVE Album

... Více info bude brzy.

Bravo WebTV 26.05.2010 - animace by Matilda

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(190x251, 2695Kb)  (190x227, 1733Kb) (190x259, 2359Kb)

Enterviva.de - 21.05.2010 - Tokio Hotel beim COMET 2010

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TH -Backstage Comet 2010 - Bravo WebTV 26.05.10 + English transl.

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Sascha: Well, then tell me what you experienced in the last weeks…

Bill: Well, we were in Asia, and uhm… yeah, we had a concert there, a small one, and we met our fans there for the first time, so to say it was the very first start..
Tom: Oh yes, that was really good.

Bill: ..that was very exciting because you fly so far and then it's a totally different culture and totally different people, and the people can sing along though.
Tom: We had a good show.

Nokia meet & greet with Tokio Hotel in Düseldorf (21.05.10)+ English transl.

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Hello! I'm Natini (nb not sure about the spelling of her name), your Nokia reporter and we've just arrived in Düsseldorf. Now, we're on our way to the hotel where we'll meet the winners of the Meet & Greet with Tokio Hotel. I'm looking forward to see what we're in for in a little while.
Together with our two winners, Niamh and Lisa, we're now sitting on the roof terrace of the InterConti and are waiting for the Meet & Greet with Tokio Hotel and first of all want to ask a few questions.
Is today the first time that you're meeting Tokio Hotel?
Niamh: Yes. Like, personally and up and close… Yes, that's the first time.

BRAVO DE 22/10

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Meet & Greet with TH ♥ Düsseldorf, Nemecko 21.05.2010

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Tak tohle jsou ty šťastné holky Niamh a Lisa,  výherci z Nokie se setkali  s Tokio Hotel,  v TH- prezidentském apartmá  v hoteli InterContinental v Düsseldorfu.
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.comimagebam.com

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

TH - animace by Matilda

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(200x208, 1677Kb)
(190x250, 2618Kb)
(220x189, 2021Kb)

(245x185, 2130Kb)

COMET 2010 - Twins si šeptají:)

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Podle toho jak Bill kulí oči a otvára pusu, tak to bude něco pikantní:)


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