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1 bb bb | 17. října 2015 v 10:13 | Reagovat

Water leaks happened. Drops. Per day is 2.5 liters. I gave was hot.
It's all sticky tape; so nothing to be seen. At home I would maybe correct, but here bojim.A water is Neda zastavit.To shall be stored around the main water supply.

2 bb bb | 18. října 2015 v 23:27 | Reagovat

[1]: you have no fears, I pay attention. At night and during the day the water is off: / The General entry/.And is here the green great pail.The man before us
it all taped adhesive tapes.So with that rather I do nothing.
To Welcome we had here this fresh painting - Photo :-)
It ist hroughout the house.Today it does not stink than at Wednesday.

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